Tropical Strawberry Smoothie
Smooth, delicious , creamy and ready in minutes.
Per serving (1/2 of dish): cal 230, fat 5g,sodium 100 mg, carbs 46g, fiber 2g, protein 7g
Common Allergens: coconut

Pumpkin Pancakes
Fluffy, delicious, easy filling indulgent pancakes, ideal for sweet fall breakfast, served with healing comforting cinnamon sugar.
Per serving (1/2 of dish): cal 208, fat 8g,sodium 356 mg, carbs 30g, fiber 2g, protein 4g
Common Allergens: coconut, wheat, soy
Gf option: Gf flour

Biscuits and Gravy
Southern staple comfort dish, rich, herby, comforting gravy with sunflower seed sausage over fluffy, flaky, buttery vegan biscuits  is the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch!
Per serving (1/4 of dish): cal 486, fat 11g,sodium 929 mg, carbs 40.6g, fiber 1g, protein 11g
Common Allergens: wheat, coconut, soy, cashews
Gf option: Gf biscuits

Hash Brown Casserole
Hearty, rich, cheesy dish of hash browns potatoes, carrots, chickpeas, kale, baked in vegan cheese sauce till golden, drizzled with roasted peppers tomato sauce turns to instant comfort Southern style dish.
Per serving( 1/4 of dish): cal 230, fat 11.2g,sodium 628 mg. carbs 38.4g, fiber 8.1g, protein 13.6g
Common Allergens: soy, cashews, almonds

Southwestern Tacos
Simple, mildly spicy tacos are delicious, flavorful and filling! Scrambled tofu topped with black bean, corn salsa, tucked in corn tortilla is healthy, savory brunch treat.
Per serving(1/4 of dish): cal 433, fat 9g, sodium 541 mg, carbs 54g, fiber 14g, protein 18g
Common Allergens: soy