Blueberry and Cream Bread Pudding
Fluffy, rich creamy,sweet treat, great for breakfast or serve as dessert. Cubed bread folded with coconut milk and  juicy sweet blueberries, topped with coconut and almonds, baked golden, drizzled with brown sugar glaze is simple decadent spring breakfast or dessert.
Per serving (1/2 of dish): cal 386, fat 12 g,sodium 356 mg, carbs 55 g, fiber 3g, protein 8g
Common Allergens: coconut, wheat, almonds, may contain soy
Gf option: GF bread

Sausage Griddle  Breakfast Sandwich
Warm and fluffy, the perfect sweet and savory combination. Sweet pancakes,savory sausage, melty cheese and drizzle of syrup. 
Per serving (1/2 of dish): cal 306, fat 15 g,sodium 432 mg, carbs 60 g, fiber 4g, protein 12g
Common Allergens: wheat, coconut, soy
Gf option: GF flour, Gf sausage

Asparagus Spring Frittata
Simple melting pot of deliciousness with complex flavors, makes a great brunch dish. Asparagus, onions, peas and greens baked with spices and chickpeas flour into a delicious crustless quiche.
Per Serving (1/4 of dish): cal 398, fat 9g, sodium 470 mg, carbs 30g, fiber 4g, protein 7g, 
Common Allergens: cashews

Santa Fe Breakfast Hash
Hearty, rich, smoky, spicy dish of  potatoes, sausage flavored tempeh, onions, spinach stir fried till golden, drizzled with creamy tahini sauce turns to instant comfort Southern style dish.
Per serving( 1/4 of dish): cal 230, fat 11.2g,sodium 628 mg. carbs 38.4g, fiber 8.1g, protein 13.6g
Common Allergens: soy, tahini, wheat

Gf option: GF tempeh