BTS Lunch Menu

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Fish and Mac' n' Cheese
Rich, creamy, velvety, vegan cheese sauce tossed with tender pasta, baked till golden, served with crispy fish less filets.
Per serving (1/4 of dish): cal 629, fat 28.1g,sodium 762mg, carbs 77.2g, fiber 11.2g, protein 23.8g
Common Allergens: soy, wheat, cashews

Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons
Amazingly flavorful creamy, savory soup with herbal notes served with golden, crispy, crunchy, cheesy croutons makes simple nourishing, filling dynamic duo.
Per serving(1/4 dish): cal 364, fat 10g,  carbs 45g, fiber 7g, protein 10g
Common Allergens: wheat, soy, cashews
Pepperoni Pizza
Quick, simple, and tasty pizza. 2 soft, golden 8 oz pizza crusts topped with sweet tomato sauce, vegan pepperoni and cheese is everybody's favorite.
Per Serving (1/4 of dish): cal 538, fat 5g, carbs 55g, fiber 6g, protein 13g
Common Allergens: wheat, soy, cashews

Chickpeas Salad Wrap
Simple, quick, satisfying wrap packed with fiber and protein. Meaty chickpeas, with celery, currant, almonds mixed with sesame dressing tucked in soft pitta bread with creamy hummus (add your favorite fresh greens).
Per serving(1/4 of dish): cal 484, fat 10g,  carbs 70.g, fiber 6g, protein 18g
Common Allergens: wheat, soy, almonds, sesame

Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Chocolaty, chewy, decadent no bake balls are quick healthy little treats.
Per serving(1 ball): cal 135, fat 8g,  carbs 31g , fiber 12g, protein 7g
Common Allergens: peanuts, soy, coconut