Why I love Chip and Kale (and you will too!)

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Tailored to meet your needs 

Chip and Kale provides a healthy, plant based meal delivery service to my door that also tastes great. The flavorful meals can even be customized by determining the amount of seasoning used and the ability to add or subtract ingredients in your kitchen, which is key for someone like me who likes to go light on the spice.

I especially love the non-subscription model that fits my lifestyle- you don’t have to worry about skipping or canceling and who doesn’t love one less thing to worry about. The menu changes weekly, creating the best variety in flavors all powered by plants.

Nutritious Recipes

As a dietitian I often get asked about what plant based means. Plant-based eating does not have to be strictly vegan or eliminating meat- it is simply making meals mostly plants: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. You can enjoy the practicality of plant-based eating, with the added bonus of knowing you are not creating a detriment to the environment.

Plant based diets have lots of nutrients and are packed with fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants in plants help keep you healthy.

Delicious Recipes

Most countries and regions in the world have their own particular cuisine and I love trying new and interesting foods. Chip and Kale helps to celebrate different cultures by highlighting their cuisine, such as Italian, Indian, Southern US, Midwestern US, and Mexican to name a few. Adding variety to my diet has never tasted better!

In addition to learning about new and interesting recipes I’ve also been cooking more as a whole. The inspiration and excitement of wanting to try a meal has motivated me to spend more time in the kitchen and continue to build my cooking skills.


Meal prep is a very time consuming activity, especially when you are trying to increase vegetables, which require a lot of chopping. Not to mention, grocery shopping before the meal and cleaning up afterwards. Quick and easy meals from Chip and Kale eliminate the need for shopping and stressing about what to make and how to make it - just order, cook, and enjoy!

Using this service has made me feel like I’m spending sensibly, and saving time. It truly is both a life and money saver- no more food waste because I don’t take the meal out of the freezer until I’m ready to cook it. This is essential for days when unexpected plans pop up

Environmentally Friendly

I’m going to get a little scientific here but this is such important information. Food production is among the largest causes of global environmental change. Vegan and vegetarian diets have the greatest reduction in land use and greenhouse gas emissions, and that vegetarian diets use the least water.*

In the U.S., up to 40% of all food produced goes uneaten, and about 95% of discarded food ends up in landfills.** Food waste also accounts for an enormous amount of resources and energy, but by utilizing Chip and Kale it has decreased my contributions significantly which really makes me feel good about doing my part.

Improving Lifestyle

We are all super busy, especially this time of year with back to school, schedule changes, activities, etc. and I’m always looking for shortcuts to make my life easier. The daily burden of trying to prepare a healthy dinner for yourself and your loved ones can be enormous. You want to make a meal simple and easy but also nutritious- Chip and Kale deliver! By eliminating the stress from meal planning, measuring ingredients, and grocery shopping I am able to save so much time.

To feel good you have to eat good, and healthy meals are essential to providing the nutrients we need. I love having quality plant based meal options that are satisfying and leave me feeling great physically and mentally. Healthy meals are paramount to good overall health - let Chip and Kale take dinner off your plate, by delivering the best in plant-based eating on your plate.


* “Animal-based Foods are More Resource-Intensive than Plant-Based Foods.” World Resources Institute, 20 April 2016
** United States Department of Agriculture. U.S Food Waste Challenge. https://www.usda.gov/oce/foodwaste/faqs.htm Accessed 3/20/2017. 


Byline: Jess DeGore RD LDN CDCES CHWC is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Dietitian Jess Nutrition LLC she provides virtual nutrition counseling, meal planning, and consulting services. Nutrition is not one size fits all so she helps clients ditch the diet and improve their relationship with food, body, and mind. Jess is board certified in diabetes and also specializes in women's wellness. She recently launched an online course and takes insurance to make nutrition education more accessible.





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