Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our order minimum purchase is $99, before any discounts or special promotion.

Chip and Kale is a Non-Subscription plant based meal kit company, so you order when you are ready.

No. Chip and Kale is a meal kit delivery service.
Our meal kits are measured, washed, chopped to save you active time in the kitchen, our spices are served on the sides, so you can still control the final result according to your taste.

Our regular meal kit is 4 servings, (recommended food industry portion) that is as low as $6.19 a serving, recommended for most. Family size is 2 meal kits (8 servings, food industry recommended portion).

Our meal kits are frozen so there’s no rush to eat, and no waste. You may cook a one meal at the time, portion out your meals in freezable containers and freeze for later.

We always strive to source the highest-quality ingredients. Our soy, greens and grains are organic, but to keep our prices low we also use non GMO conventionally grown product.

We do not use any oil in our meal kits except desserts and couple recipes. We recommend water sauté your meals.

We do not add any additional sugars to our meal kits. Besides our desserts we use maple syrup, agave or raw sugar in our BBQ sauce, caramelized vegetables or some of our Asian sauces. 

Yes, there are no animal ingredients in our meal kits, any reference to cheese or meat is plant based substitute.

Our food packaging is made of #4 recyclable plastic. Wash and dry used bags, and drop them off in a plastic recycle bin at your participating food or retail store (Giant Eagle, Kroger, Wall Mart, Target, Lowe's...)

You may use Chip and Kale delivery bag for your personal use, we do welcome return of any bags you'll not need upon next delivery.

Ask for a return shipping label for any box, and bags return.