Are your meals fully cooked? No. Chip and Kale is a meal kit delivery service.
Our meal kits are measured, washed, chopped to save you active time in the kitchen, our spices are served on the sides, so you can still control the final result according to your taste.

How large are your meals? Our regular meal kit is 4 meals (4 servings, food industry standard) that is as low as $6.19 a serving, recommended for most. Family size is 4 meals (8 servings, food industry standard) 

I'm just one person, this is to much food for me! Our meal kits are frozen so there’s no rush to eat, and no waste. You may cook a one meal at the time and portion out your meals in freezable containers and freeze for later.

Can I mix and match? Yes, if there is a dish that doesn't appeal to you, just double on another dish, leave as a clear description in instruction area in your shopping cart.

How long will my meals stay fresh? You can store our meal kits in the freezer up to six month.

Are your ingredients organic? We always strive to source the highest-quality ingredients. Our soy, greens and grains are organic, but to keep our prices low we also use conventionally grown product.

Are your meals oil free? Yes, we do not use any oil in our meal kits except desserts and couple recipes. We recommend water saute your meals.

Do you use any sugar? We do not add any additional sugars to our meal kits,Besides our desserts we use maple syrup, agave or raw sugar in our BBQ sauce, caramelized vegetables or some of our Asian sauces 

Are your meals vegan? Yes, we use all vegan ingredients, any reference to cheese or meat is plant based substitute.