Chip and Kale Offers:

• Prepackaged Vegan Meal Kits with easy-to-follow instructions • Delivered right to your door

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How it works

Chip and Kale vegan meal delivery is so simple, you may never want to visit the grocery storage again. We choose the best ingredients and carefully prepare five specially selected meal kits. Each kit are frozen fresh, without preservatives and is labeled with easy to follow instructions that require only your pots and pans. We deliver the ready to cook meals to your door. You simply open the packages, follow the instructions to cook, and serve. You are on your way to a fantastic week of vegan dinners each Sunday.


    New menu posted each Tuesday
        Place your order by Monday midnight
            Receive your order the following Sunday between 9am and 4pm*

              Vegan Order - Five entrees of 3-4 servings each (recommended for singles and couples ) - $105.00 plus tax
              Gluten Friendly Order - Only $10 more! Five entrees of 3-4 servings each - $115.00 plus tax

              Family Order-Five entrees 6-8 servings each ( recommended for family with 1-2 children)-$ 159.00 plus tax

              Gluten Friendly Family Order- Five entrees 6-8 servings each -$ 169.00 plus tax

                Ordering is easy.
                Delivery is free.

                  *Please make prior delivery arrangements if you will not be home,leave large cooler with freezer packs on your porch or in another safe location.

                  You may use Chip and Kale delivery bag for your personal use, we do welcome return of any bags you 'll not need upon next delivery.

                  There is a 50% cancellation fee on all cancelled orders to cover our food and labor costs.

                  * we reserve the right to cancel/change/update delivery date/time, at our discretion


                  Create a rewards account for faster service on your next order and get:
                  • 50 point welcome bonus
                  • 200 point friend referral (send a link via email, share on Facebook or Twitter through the top right button on your reward program account and your friend get 15% off their first purchase)
                  • 1000 points - 50% off your next purchase
                  • 1 point = $1 spent

                  Promo codes can be entered on the right of the screen during checkout


                  Unpredictable winter weather could require amended delivery*