A popular street food in Spain for breakfast or dessert, the churro’s origin is debated. Simple yet delicious, the semi-sweet dough is fried until the outside is crispy, brown and delicious and tender on the inside. Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for the perfect amount of sweetness. #Yum   Recipe: 1...

The Healthier Vegan

As we head into 2019, I’m looking more closely at my nutrition. As a vegan, most people think this is something I have done all along. But, to be honest, I have more of a sweet tooth than I would care to admit, and a penchant for so many of the vegan “cheat foods” and over processed selections that seem to line the shelves of grocery stores these days...

Being Vegan: A Holiday Survival Guide

Whether it's the silent but judgmental stares at your plate, or the passive aggressive comments, sometimes you can burn off the whole dinner before you're out of your seat with all of the work you have to do defending your plant-based lifestyle. But is that the answer, or is there a way to put the jolly back in your season?

Earth Day April 22nd.

We are exited to be part of Pittsburgh's first Earth Day Festival! Come to see us for some free samples.

Pittsburgh Magazine

We would like to thank Leah Lizarondo for writing a piece about us in the Oct. issue of Pittsburgh Magazine. Leah Lizarondo Leah Lizarondo Leah Lizarondo

Vegan Pittsburgh

Hello, I wanted to let everyone know that Chip&Kale is now on the Vegan Pittsburgh website! We here at Chip&Kale are very excited to be apart of this movement and to be joining like minded businesses in promoting a cleaner life style. To everyone at, Thank You!