Health and Safety : Covid-19

Chip and Kale follows the CDC recommendations for controlling the spread of Corona virus.

  • Our location is closed to public
  • We check our employees temperature upon arrival
  • Employees are required to wear gloves and a mask
  • We continue to maintain proper hand washing procedures 
  • We are sanitizing  all surfaces every hour with a bleach solution.
  • All our drivers are required to wear a mask
  • We deliver directly to your doorstep with no-contact delivery

We operate to accordance with local health code regulations. We are licensed and inspected by the Allegheny County Health Department and our health inspection report is available on the Allegheny County Health Department website.

Additionally, per the CDC, USDA, and FDA the transmission of the virus has not been linked to food or food packaging.

We’re focused on delivering the best quality goods, but recipes may change any time upon ingredients availability. We hope you understand.